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If you cannot find what you are looking for with our cabins, or they are not the size you need, perhaps one of these below will suit you. Bypass the corporate 'middlemen' big sites, say 'No' to their inflated rates with  'service fees' or 'booking fees'. Deal direct with private owners and  say 'Yes' to savings, personalized service and connection. Support local small businesses - not giant transnational online conglomerates. When you select a cabin below, you will be directed away from this page and  to other owners' pages.

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Meet the owners

I came to the Smoky mountians with a friend in 2009 for the first time during winter snowfall. It was so pretty! Living in Florida, we missed having seasons. Todd and I (Victoria) came together several more times, and we knew - Smoky Mountains was the place! We bought our cabin in 2010. For now, we are living and working in Tampa FL,  and looking forward to making Sevier county our permanent home one day. 
Photo taken day after Christmas 2010 when Blue Mountain Lodge was almost complete.

We love DIY projects, and we have restored or made many furniture and decor pieces you will see in our cabin. 

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